Hopefully your employees say: “We are sorry that we have to go home.” – a statement which we often hear from assignees who have really enjoyed their stay in Germany. However the time comes when moving back turns into reality. It does not matter, whether your employees move back to where they came from or move to another location – with our comprehensive Departure Service a complete departure support service is delivered.

Our Relocation Consultants will be glad to assist and will cover:

  • General consultancy and support
  • Getting in contact with the transferee to set up the process
  • Moving Companies quotations.
  • Comparison of shipping quotes
  • Support with the organization and co-ordination of the move
  • On site monitoring and assistance on the moving date
  • Preparation of written notice for termination of the lease to the landlord
  • Organisation and coordination of painters etc. for the renovation
  • Returning the flat/ house to the landlord (hand over certificate).
  • Control of utility billing at the end of period
  • Organisation of mail forwarding services
  • Preparation of the cancellation letter to corresponding insurance companies, club-memberships, accounts etc.
  • Cancellation of electricity-, gas- and water supply contracts
  • Cancellation of GEZ (TV/Radio provider)
  • Cancellation telephone/internet access
  • Car deregistration
  • Cancellation child allowance
  • Deregistration of residency

We also can take care of obtaining foreign visas and worldwide relocation if necessary!